37-38 Alterac


  1. Run northwest to Alterac Mountains toward Dalaran
    1. (Discover Hillsbrad Fields, Lordamere Internment Camp, Dalaran)
    2. At Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver, Magical Analysis Ansirem's Key 34

  1. Run counter clockwise around the mountains to the Ruins of Alterac

  1. Grind northeast along the road from the Ruins of Alterac to Strahnbrad
    1. (Discover Strahnbrad)

  1. Grind east to the road and then northeast into Western Plaguelands
    1. (Discover Chillwind Point)

  1. Run north to Chillwind Camp (43, 85)
    1. Get the Chillwind Camp flightpoint

  1. Run south and then west back to Strahnbrad

  1. Grind northwest in the valley from Strahnbrad to the house at (40, 16)
    1. (Discover The Uplands, Dandred's Fold)
    2. Do Noble Deaths (Kill Syndicate for 7 Alterac Signet Ring)
    3. Do Dark Council (Kill 4 Argus Shadow Mage)

  1. At the house at (40, 16)
    1. Go slow, be careful of Syndicate Assassin
    2. Inside the house
    3. Finish Dark Council (Kill Nagaz for Head of Nagaz)
    4. Loot Worn Wooden Chest for Ensorcelled Parchment
    5. Right click Ensorcelled Parchment, The Ensorcelled Parchment 34

  1. Optional: (Not recommended)
    1. Consider doing if you want gear and and have a good group
    2. Paladin, Warrior: 100% Bonebiter, 20% Mograine's Might, 20% Ravager
    3. GROUP 5+ Players Scarlet Monastery Library, Armory, and Cathedral
    4. Run northwest around the Undercity
    5. Run northeast to Scarlet Monastery
    6. Take the south instance portal to Scarlet Monastery Library
      1. In the 2nd to last hallway before the final boss, on the floor
        1. Do Mythology of the Titans (Loot Mythology of the Titans)
      2. Mage: In the last hallway before the final boss, on a bookshelf
        1. Do Rituals of Power (Loot Rituals of Power)
      3. Do In the Name of the Light (Kill Houndmaster Loksey)
      4. Behind High Inquisitor Whitemane
        1. Loot Doan's Strongbox for The Scarlet Key!!!
    7. Requires: The Scarlet Key
      1. Open the Armory Door and zone into Scarlet Monastery Armory
        1. Do In the Name of the Light (Kill Herod)
      2. Open the Cathedral Door and zone into Scarlet Monastery Cathedral
        1. Do In the Name of the Light (Kill Scarlet Commander Mograine, High Inquisitor Whitemane)
  2. If no
    1. Abandon In the Name of the Light
    2. Abandon Mythology of the Titans
    3. Mage: Abandon Rituals of Power

  1. Paladin, Warrior: During this grind you can look for the rare spawn Lo'Grosh (52, 47)
    1. He can drop The Pacifier
  2. Grind nearby until Level 38

Level 38
  1. Hearth to Southshore
    1. If you did In the Name of the Light
      1. Upstairs in the inn at Raleigh the Devout, In the Name of the Light
        1. Paladin, Warrior: Bonebiter
    2. At the armor smith Robert Aebischer,
    3. At the small house at Loremaster Dibbs
      1. The Ensorcelled Parchment Stormpike's Deciphering 33
    4. In the main hall at Magistrate Henry Maleb
      1. Noble Deaths
      2. Dark Council
    5. Run north to the flightmaster

  1. Fly from Southshore to Refuge Pointe, eta 01:10

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